Solving the Riddle of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

In August 2013, I became sick with a host of mystery ailments that made me think I was about to die.  After two months of fear and confusion, plus numerous medical tests, I was given a diagnosis:  Mutliple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and Salicylate Sensitivity.


I found no medical consensus on the cause of these often co-occuring conditions. I did find many theories, of course, but not only did existing theories fail to compellingly explain what was happening to me, they also failed to help me reverse the condition.


I have read that theory-making is a "basic survival skill." We humans are driven to come up with theories in order to navigate the unknown and find our way back to the familiar. From the moment I received my diagnosis, I spent countless hours on the internet, researching possible causes and forming a number of theories of my own. It was only when I landed on the theory I present here that I was able to satisfyingly explain to myself exactly why I was suffering. Within a week of putting the puzzle together for myself, I had effectively "reversed" the conditions I had feared might limit me for the rest of my life.


Okay, well that is not exactly accurate, I still have MCS and salicylate sensitivity, and I still fear their impact on my life and my future.  But I found I can manage these conditions and stay almost entirely symptom-free by taking a daily calcium channel blocker (and also by giving up the magnesium supplementation which, for me at least, exacerbated my condition).  


Nowhere in any medical literature--or on any sites or blogs dedicated to MCS or salicylate sensitivity--have I found calcium channel blockers suggested as a possible treatment for MCS.  I am still exploring why a medication prescribed to treat my hypertension also drastically improves my MCS, and I have no guess whether it might work for others as it has for me  (but wouldn't it be incredible if it did?). I do not believe that everyone with MCS developed their condition by the same path I did. However, I do believe that what I discovered can shed light on what might be happening to others who find themselves suffering from this debilitating condition.  


And so I am here posting the story of my personal experience, along with my own personal theory on the importance of TRP Channels in Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, for others who feel driven by their "basic survival instinct" to research, understand, explain, and come with theories of their own.  


Please know:  I am not a doctor.  This is a personal account of my experience of MCS, and these are my own personal observations and opinions and thoughts and are not meant to taken as medical advice.  I welcome and encourage feeback at


(This site was created in March 2014)


Dowload Solving the Riddle of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: The Importance of TRP Channels, by Teena Booth.

Solving the Riddle of Multiple Chemical Senstivity
The Importance of TRP Channels
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By Teena Booth